Sherif’s resume



Hi! I’m Sherif Salama, a passionate 23 year old independent game developer that dedicated his life to creating all things fun and exciting. I love puppies, and having long walks at the beach. Did I mention that I love Mexican food?


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2018-present ~ Unbread

Started working on a 2D platformer game about the emotional life of a zombie stuck in a toaster called Unbread.

It has received an invitation and has been showcased in Insomnia 2018’s Indie Zone, the biggest annual gaming event in Egypt. It’s an ambitious game planned with a minimum 5 year development period. It’s set to be released on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

You can find more about it on my Twitter.

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2017 ~ Seas The day

Seas The Day is a mobile game about protecting an oyster from sea monsters that are tired of hearing his puns.

This is the game that started it all for me. I’ve wanted to create a game as simple as possible to see whether I’ll be able to handle creating games on my own.

And I did, I’ve finished Seas The Day and released it on iOS, Android, and it got front paged on Newgrounds. I ran small but successful Kickstarter to raise minimal funds for the licensing and fees that worked out really well and managed to create an audience that got really engaged with the game’s development.

Since then, I had decided to create games on my own, from programming, art, animation, design, to everything in between. That’s when I’ve created Ankh Games.

2014 ~ IBM

I have interned at IBM as a front end developer and worked on a couple of projects. Learned important skills such as Agile methodology, working in teams, managing deadlines, working under pressure, organizing and setting up meetings, how to communicate and present work professionally.

I developed a brief understanding to how big companies manage their teams and clients. Overall gained insight on their approach on how big companies start and manage new projects.



* Unity * C# * C++ * C * Software Engineering * 2D Flat Art * Frame By Frame Animation * Game design * Inkscape * Audacity * Social Media Management * Project Management * Dynamic Programming * Graph Programming * Programming Algorithms * JavaScript * CSS * AngularJS *  HTML * Agile Methodology * Excellent English * Excellent Arabic * Presentation Skills * Public Speaking * International Education * Technical Writing *